Friday, October 19, 2012

Edward Frederick Lass 
19 Oct 1890 – 29 Nov 1934

Happy 122nd birthday to a grandfather I never knew. He died at 44, leaving a wife and 5 children ranging in age from 3 to 14. A bench carpenter, he worked for several companies including Fort Niagara and a local lumberyard where he constructed church windows. His woodworking projects continued for his family. He made the small, white painted crib that his babies used. It was also my first crib. Projects included an oak roll top desk for his daughter, Irma; a small bowling ally my father still has, and fishing boats for his brother Carl and brother-in-law Jim Monroe.

Children: Edward, Irma (1923-2006), David (1925-2012) Paul and Norine

Grandchildren: Barbara, Frederick, Irene, Paula, Bonnie, William, Michele, Deborah, Kenneth, Dorine, James, Catherine (1954-1954), Paul Jr, Heidi, Michael, Anna, Cynthia, Patricia, Daniel, Edward (also born 19 Oct), Timothy, Bruce, Mark, Amy, Laurie

Great-grandchildren: James, Kimberly, Mark, Jennifer, David, Wayne, Corinne, Kathryn, Kennie, Edward, Zachary, David, Jason, Melissa, John, Kathleen, Andrew, Christina, Suzanna, Jordan, Katie, Daniel, Julia, Emily, Daniel, Amanda, Paul III (1988-2003), David, Brian, Kaitlin, Ann Marie, Ashley, Joseph, Matthew, Seren, Tyler, Shannon, Julianne, Mary, Rachel, Caitlyn, Brett, Kaylee, Simon, Moira, Daniel, Arthur, Rebekah, Nathan, Elizabeth, Hannah

2nd great-grandchildren: Gabrielle, Corbin, Alexandra, Isabella, Alexander, Aiden, Alyssia, Anakin, Zachary, Eric, Billie, Liliana, Brandon, Abigail, Travis, Sophia, Andrew, Jack, Lily

Thursday, February 9, 2012

From the Oxford English Dictionary:
Commonplace-book. Formerly Book of common places. orig. A book in which 'commonplaces' or passages important for reference were collected, usually under general heads; hence, a book in which one records passages or matters to be especially remembered or referred to, with or without arrangement. First usage recorded: 1578.
This is my 21st century Book of Common Places ... a place for my genealogy research ... a Research Log ... a blog.